Monday, 6 May 2013

Village Fair

So, lets just start by saying that today has provided us with the most beautiful weather, EVER!
I decided to go home on Friday for a four day weekend and have been waiting for the sun to appear from behind the clouds the whole time! I woke up this morning feeling pretty optimistic that the weather wasn't going to let me down and it didn't disappoint! It definitely made revision/essay writing much more bearable and after getting up at half 7 to do some work, I stopped at lunch time to spend some time with my Momma :) 

We went for a mahooosive walk (yes, my legs are now a little achy) in the countryside and finished up at the May Fair in the village. Decided to treat ourselves to a cider and icecream, then browsed the stalls :) Went for a bike ride with my Dad before dinner which really made me wish that the weather for the whole of summer will be like this (doubtful I know.) 

 It's definitely true what they say, the sun does make everyone a lot happier.
Hope y'all had a lovely sunny bank holiday. Hopefully the sun will be out again tomorrow now i'm back in Lancaster and wherever you are too :) 



  1. Aww, this looks like my kind of day out. :) Weather looks perfect too!

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

    1. It was a lovely day, the weather makes such a difference! Hope you made the most of it as well :)
      Your blog looks like my kinda blog, love the variety of pages you've got.
      Rachel x

  2. Great photos! Looks like you had a good day!

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  3. Ahh, I'm so jealous - I'm in SUCH a need of fun times in the sun right now:-( Glad you had a blast, Rachel!

    1. Next time the sun is out, make the most of it and make time to have have some fun in the sun too :) x