Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gluten Free life

It's been over a week since my last blog post and boy has it been a busy week! Along with revision and assignments, I've also been moving home (someone tell me how second year has come and gone already?) I had no idea (well I kinda did) about the vast quantity of junk that I've gathered over the past year or how long it takes to move out when the time comes...
Now that that's all finished though, I have time to catch up with you all.

When I last went home just over a month ago, I found out (after months of feeling bloated and generally bleughhhh) that I'm a Coeliac. This means that I can no longer eat anything that contains gluten :( I was half expecting this to be the case and initially thought that this meant I would be eating rabbit type food for the rest of my life. However, after a little research, I've discovered a whole gluten free world out there (thank god - I don't think I could go without cake.) There are lots of websites and blogs if you just have a look around. It's thanks to these that I know what to do with the GF ingredients available on the market. So now I can bake goods that I can eat and not just for others. I was also worried that this new diagnosis would restrict my social life, preventing me from eating out. More restaurants than you'd expect offer gluten free options, you just need to do a little forward planning. If you've recently found out that you're intolerant to gluten or just want a healthier lifestyle, this post is perfect for you. I've done the work for you and I'm going to share with you some of the gluten free products available, that I've embraced. Not only this but I'll give you a heads up on some of the restaurants that I've discovered whilst researching that offer gluten free alternatives.

Disclaimer: Please note that I have not been asked to review any of the products or restaurants below. They are my own opinions.

All products listed below can be sourced in most major supermarkets. 

Eat Natural Gluten Free chocolate, brazil and apricot bars. 
Village Bakery Gluten Free Organic Chocolate&Orange Brownies 
9 bar Wholebake Original bars. 
Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain white flour blend
Nakd Cashew Cookie bar (great for snacking)  
Nakd Berry Delight bar 
Genius wholemeal seeded loaf. 

Nairn's Gluten Free Cheese Oatcakes 
Tesco Free From Pasta


Click on the images below to view the Gluten Free menu/options for each restaurant.

What's a coffee without the cake? Most of the coffee shops that I visit have limited GF options. However, most do have some sort of sweet treat available to us. This is usually in the form of packaged biscuits, but Caffe Nero have even gone as far as offering wheat free carrot and fruit cake. I checked out the Starbucks website and searched for Gluten Free products and was pleasantly surprised to see they have a plentiful range, even if it isn't all stocked in every coffeehouse.
Pizza Express - This is my favourite restaurant to feature on the list. 
Now it's amazing what you find out when you do a bit of research... I had no idea how accommodating restaurants are with there menus when it comes to special diets. I was particularly impressed with Zizzi in particular. They have a variety of menus which include: vegetarian, nut free, gluten free, soya free, alcohol free, fish free, egg free and dairy free.

When you go into a restaurant they'll normally give you there bog standard menu. This doesn't necessarily mean that they don't offer anything for those of us with dietary requirements, but you may just need to ask. If you know where you'll be eating in advance, it's handy to check menus out online beforehand to save yourself the fuss.



We went to Carluccio's the other night for my lovely Mother's birthday. She had decided a while ago that she wanted to go here for her birthday meal. Not only is the atmosphere splendid, but they also offer an entire gluten free menu (including dessert, yippeeee.)

La Tasca

And of course everyone loves a Domino's and why should we have to miss out?... 
Now we don't have to thanks to the Gluten Free base option. Unfortunately, they're currently only offering this on their small base pizzas (gutting if you're a pizza lover like me) but you could always order two and pizza is better than no pizza, right? 
I'm always up for trying new foods so pleasssseee let me know if there are any GF products or recipes that you  recommend.

This week I'll be making a Gluten Free version of my much loved chocolate oaties, so watch out for a recipe post to follow. 



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