Sunday, 11 August 2013


This week I've been staying in Cornwall. My intention was to blog each day, however, eating out late and going to the pub most evenings didn't allow much time for that.

We were up at the very unsociable hour of 5 o'clock which is early, even by my standards. Dad thought he was being pretty generous giving us a few extra hours in bed compared to previous years when we've travelled down. The drive is a long one so we decided to stop off at a hotel on the devon/ cornwall border before heading to Padstow on the Friday.


After checking in, we went to explore and came across Fowey pronounced 'foy'. The weather was glorious, perfect for wandering around and taking in the views from the harbour. 

We popped off to Mevagissey, a small fishing village, before heading back to Fowey for dinner. Mevagissey may only be a short drive from Fowey, but it was a lot less touristy. Yes it still had the typical postcard/souvenir shops and harbour front restaurants, but it seemed a little more traditional and back to basics. 
After a long day of travelling and walking around, dinner was received with open arms. We went to The Galleon Inn, Fowey where we were served some really yummy, hearty food. It was a little breezy to eat outside by the time we got round to eating, but the window boxes overlooking the harbour meant we could still have food with a view. 

All you can eat breakfast is a definite perk of staying overnight in a hotel. After eating ourselves into an early morning food coma, we drove to Padstow where we would be staying in a cottage for the week. None of us really knew what to expect, but we opened the door onto a spacious, characteristic cottage with a window seat looking over the harbour and estuary and street below. 

After going for an explore around, Meg and I took it upon ourselves to find somewhere to eat that night. We found The Fo'c'sle restaurant on the harbour front and the tummy filling dishes they had to offer took our fancy.
We resided in the The ShipWrights Pub (we seemed to find ourselves ending up there most nights in the days to follow.) The band playing that night ' were actually a band from Lincoln and the guy on lead guitar goes to school with my sister... it's such a small world, you really can't go anywhere. 


The sun was out and the skies blue which could only mean one thing.... beach day! Meg and I took a walk to Rick Stein's patisserie to get bread and meat. I being the sandwich artist that I am, was give the job of making a scrumptious lunch (this is included sandwiches the size of football.) We didn't have to travel far as we'd come across a reclusive little beach, just a walk away, on the other side of Padstow.

 Dinner was on me. We kept it local and headed to Rick Stein's fish and chip shop where dinner was on me. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend treating yourself as they're probably the best fish and chips you'll ever taste.

I'm not a huge fan of battered fish so went for the salmon instead, worth a try if you want something a little different. Mum, Dad and Meg got chips fried in beef dripping but they even catered for us veggies by offering veggie chips! For those of us who are gluten free or just want to be a bit less indulgent, they also have the option of gluten free batter... smiles all round. 
We intended to sit by the harbour to eat and make the most of the last of the sun. Unfortunately, the seagulls have other ideas. I wasn't aware that seagulls could be intimidating, that was until we came face to face with the ugliest monstrosity of a seagull I've ever laid eyes on. We were forced to take shelter but were left in peace to slowly eat ourselves into a food coma and drink beer. 


The weather wasn't so great but it did provide the perfect opportunity to go to Rick Stein's Deli to stock up on chutney's/jam/groceries and buy some pressies etc! Being a massive foodie, I was in heaven! 

 Just after lunch we braved the outdoors and took the ferry across to Rock, known as a celebs retreat (unfortunately, we didn't see Prince Harry.) Meg quite quickly hunted out Jack Wills where we stayed for a good half an hour. Apart from a few pubs, restaurants and boutiques there isn't much there, but it was perfect venture for a rainy afternoon. 
We had dinner at Rick Stein's pub, The Cornish Arms. We knew it would be a popular choice for all appreciators of good food and expected to wait a while before being seated.

With such a range of fresh fish on offer, I opted for crab salad with home made chips. Rick Stein has recently been out in India cooking Indian cuisine. Mum and Dad went for 'Mr Singh's slow cooked lamb & cardamon curry', a recipe taken from Rick's time spent in India, brought back to use in the restaurant. 


We woke up Monday morning to rain and grey skies so decided to have a bit of a 'go with the flow' sorta day. Truro seemed like the ideal place for lunch and a bit of shopping and by the time we'd arrived, the sun had made an appearance. It's a completely different place compared to the likes of Padstow and Fowey, less traditional, with high street shops and chain coffee bars. 

We had hoped to get down to the beach for a BBQ but the weather put us right off that idea. We had a cottage BBQ instead which I dutifully cooked. We got cleared up, got our raincoats on and headed to the pub with the largest log fire.


We'd arranged to visit my godparents who've owned St. Michael's B&B in Marazion for a couple of years now. It's safe to say they've fallen to their feet and have taken to it like ducks to water. 

We arrived to mackerel being cooked on the BBQ which my godfather had been out that morning and caught. Being a massive pudding lover, the creamy lemon meringue concoction that was served for afters went down a storm... I happily helped myself to seconds... and thirds. 

The private garden that seems to have three storeys gives breathtaking views right over to the lizard, not forgetting St Michael's Mount just a stone's throw away.

At low tide you can go by foot using the causeway to get over to St Michael's mount. If you missing the opening or closing of the causeway, fear not, there are regular boats to and from the island. That's unless you want to swim across like these brave souls attempted to do.

Before setting out to Marizion, we'd come across The Old Customs House. It claimed to cater for anyone with allergies. Being veggie and gluten free, eating out can be tricky. I normally go for a fish dish (which I am in no way complaining about) or settle for whatever is left on the menu that I can eat. When we went to inquire, they were really accommodating and had provided plenty of options for me to choose from that catered for my needy needs. 

During this holiday, I've become a massive lover of chutney (weird and random, I know) They said they had gluten free bread so I took the chance to indulge in a cheese and chutney sandwich.... simple but utterly mouth watering... 


We wanted the last two days of the holiday to be spent at the beach sunbathing, surfing and eat ice cream. Needless to say the sunshine was greatly appreciated. Although Newquay is the surfing hotspot in Cornwall, it's a little commercialised for our liking and we love Harlyn Bay, just a short drive from Padstow.

I apologise for the lack of images showing us doing our thing on our surf boards... this is where you'll have to use your imagination because when you trust my mother with the role of photographer, you end up with 100's of half second videos and not a picture insight. 

If you're staying in Padstow and think you've got to settle for a salad for lunch.... think again! There are a few pasty shops in Padstow that, due to popular demand, make gluten free pasties to order. You will need to wait 20 minutes for them to be made so bear that in mind if you're taking them for a pack up... they are soooo worth the wait though and it was nice to not be the only one sat with a sandwich.
Dad took control of dinner and offered up a feast of a selection of fish, salad and new potatoes. Who needs meat when you have all this fish right on your doorstep? 

I took a trip to Rick Stein's Deli to stock up on fruit to take to the beach (got to treat yourself when you can't join in with the cookie feast.) Rick Stein was there for the book signing of his new book 'India' and the que outside stretched down to the harbour. There wasn't really a cordoned off section for the event and when paying at the till, just by coincidence, I managed to get a sneaky picture without hours of queuing.
We headed to Harlyn Bay for another full day of surfing... Unfortunately our aching bodies weren't so forgiving to the 8 hour car journey the next day. 

The Cornish Arms with it's friendly, welcoming atmosphere was definitely our favourite place that we'd eaten over the week. Hence why we chose to go there again on our last evening. It seemed like everyone checking out the next day had the same idea because it was definitely much busier. We were all pretty hungry when we arrived and could stick out the 90 minute wait for a table or go straight to a table in the outdoor marquee. Food and rumbling tummies won, we got warm coats out the car and headed for the marquee. 

The lemon sole was to die for and I savoured every minute of eating it... such a foodie. 

We were all unarguably stuffed by the end of the main course but what's a last night without dessert? Dad and Meg were treated to sunken chocolate whilst mum put away lemon tart... one of my all time favourite desserts. 

At this point I'd love to admit that I skipped desert and had a coffee.... but that would be a lie. I got stuck into some of the yummiest vanilla ice cream I've ever eaten... then we all attempted to walk back to the car with bulging tummies. 


Home Time! We took one last walk around Padstow and picked up some breakfast for the journey before heading back south. 

It's safe to say no one was particular keen on going home. 

You may have noticed my love Rick Stein's food throughout this post. If you're in the area, why not check out one of his shops or treat yourself to a meal at one of his restaurants



  1. Stunning photos! My sister went to Cornwall the beginning of June & had amazing weather, she went to Rick Stein's too!!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

    1. Thankyou! We were so lucky with the weather :) Rick Stein's restaurants are amazing, definitely worth a visit if you visit yourself :)
      Will be sure to check your blog out :) enjoy the rest of your weekend