Sunday, 25 August 2013

My First Time


Now after reading the title of the post, you may be expecting some juicy gossip on the ins and outs of my sex life. WRONG... The inspiration for the post comes from recently watching Zoella's 'My First Time' video on YouTube. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and fill you in on a few embarrassing facts myself.

Sit back and enjoy.... 

My first word

Although I can't be 100% on this one, I'm pretty sure I recall having a conversation with Mum who told me it was 'momma.' However, my Dad told me a different story saying that it was 'Dadda.' I'll let them fight this one out between them....

My first teddy

I think it would be unfair to specify just one and leave the other two out so the first THREE teddies I recall having were Boufont, Jill and Poppy. They were given to me by various family members, when I was born, before I left hospital. Unfortunately, after 20 years of being traipsed around, they're starting to look a bit sorry for themselves. 

My first friend

This is where my memory fails me... The first friend I can recall having is Alice Vickers. When I moved schools after a few months in reception, she came bounding up to me and introduced herself. I'm sure that I did have friends before this point but none that I can really remember.

My first crush

My first crush could be a number of people that took my fancy in primary school, I just can't remember the order in which I fancied them. However, it's a choice between Jack Thomas, Lewis Farren or Tom Wilshaw (I really hope none of them ever read this.) 

My first kiss

This memory I remember very vividly. My dreams came true and the previously achknowledged Jack Thomas asked me out  in Year 6 (this lasted all of a couple of days.) Anyway, everyone crowded round us in the playground, like they were watching a circus performance, and that was my first kiss snatched away from me. 

My first celebrity crush 

Zac Efron - From the moment High School Musical aired on the Disney Channel I have, to this day had the worlds biggest crush on Zac Efron. At one point it got so bad that after watching HSM 12 times in a week, Mum decided the only option was to confiscate the DVD to save my sanity. 

My first boyfriend

Again, this one goes to Jack Thomas when we were in Year 6. Although, I'm not sure he really counts as a 'boyfriend?' After that I think it was Jack Bayliss when I was 13 years old. We went out for a lengthy amount of time but I think it was what you'd call a 'school relationship' as I don't actually recall ever seeing him outside of school. 

My first job

My first job was as a waitress in a pub in one of the nearby villages when I was 15 years old. To date, I think it was probably the most boring job I've ever had. I used to turn up to a pub that had two tables of customers (on a good day) and spend the rest of my evening cleaning cutlery or I'd be sent home. The only perk of the job was getting free food and sampling dishes. 

My first concert 

This was between Liberty X or The Sugarbabes. I can't remember which one came first but for two years running, for my birthday, I took some friends to see a concert at the castle. 

My first car 

My first car is actually the car I have now. I got Luna (yes, she is named after the Harry Potter character), a black Citroen C1 at easter this year and love her :D I think it'll be a while before I trade her in for 'Luna 2.' 

My first blog post

As I only started my blog this year, my first blog post was on the 19th March, 2013, named 'Windermere.' I was on placement at the time my blog was born, actually that's a lie... I did this post after my placement to show off some of the pictures I'd taken during my time in the Lake District. Looking back at it now, it definitely won't be winning any awards for most interesting blog post.

My first tweet 

Without having to sift through 1,626 other tweets, I used a programme on the internet which told me that my first tweet was.... 'Fancies a night in watching shit TV and drinking wine.' Apr 24, 2010 

So, now you know a little bit more than you did half an hour ago. 



  1. I too had a crush on Zac Efron, oh dear. I had all the HSM cd's and played them on repeat, i even got a HSM cake for my birthday because my family thought i still liked HSM, but i had moved out of the phase and HSM was not cool anymore, so when i saw the cake i started crying, i like these first time posts they always bring back memories. By the way, i like the background image of your blog with the birds. I loved the post, nice blog xoxo

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