Saturday, 7 September 2013

Day 4/5/6

Czech :) 

Haven't posted for the past couple of days because there really hasn't been anything new or particularly interesting to blog about. Here's a brief summary of what we've been up to though.....

In Polish schools they follow course books from Year 5 upwards so Chris and I have mainly been observing these lessons before teaching them next week. Teaching the little ones isn't as restricting and allows for a lot more flexibility. On Thursday, we had the chance to work with a different English teacher within the school. Her teaching style is much more interactive than the teacher we'd been working with beforehand and more suited to how we teach in England. After finishing at lunch time, we went to Brovaria for lunch and lapped up the sun in old market square. Dinner comprised of four jam sandwiches for me and a pizza for Chris. Laziness at it's best but we had to live like students at some point during the trip.

 Friday was a busy day at school. Chris and I (well I) had created a presentation about what teenagers in the UK are interested in, as well as a bit of information about London. We ended up showing it to not one but five classes individually. Safe to say the enthusiasm was wearing off a bit the 5th time round. Snapchat was probably the concept that they found the most fascinating and amusing and our demonstration was definitely a winner.

As with most places you visit, you develop a love for a particular restaurant. Ours is Whiskey in a Jar which we visited last night for the second time this week. Once again, the food was delicious and we're going to have try really hard to try out new places and not resort there every night.


Today has been a sight seeing/shopping day (mainly shopping.) We took the tram to the Cathedral just outside the centre of Poznan. We didn't expect to spend hours there but also didn't think we'd be in and out in 15 minutes. For a Cathedral, it was pretty small, more like the size of a big church in England. Thankfully our journey was not wasted as a couple were selling cute gingerbread shapes outside (never a dull moment when food is about.) We got the tram back and walked to the square for lunch at Gospoda. I got a 'fitness' ice cream/yoghurt with muesli and fruit which was just up my street. 

For a moment, I thought I was in Covent Garden... not quite. 

After lunch we went to Stary Browar shopping centre just a short walk from the market square. We weren't quite sure what to expect because some of the small shopping centres that we'd been to had been pants! This was completely different and much more up our street. It was really strange going into shops that we have at home in England and seeing prices like 400zl. It takes a while to naturally process that into English money. I have enough clothes to last me a life time so just bought a new nail varnish by essence and a sports top from Oysho. Chris on the other hand went crazy because, for various reasons, he doesn't normally get the chance to at home. Might even do my first male haul post tomorrow. 

Free hug anyone?
Tonight we went to a Tapas restaurant for dinner (my memory has failed me on the name.) Tapas is one of my favourite kinds of food so I was really excited to eat here..... Sadly, Tapas in Poland isn't quite the same. They don't do small dishes that you get a few of, you just get one main... not really traditional Tapas in my eyes but hey! I ordered Salmon salad and wedges. Don't think we'll be going there again because it was pretty average,boring and disappointing on the Tapas front. We went for drinks at Whiskey in a Jar after dinner and met two British students who are doing a year abroad here.

Can't wait for another lie in tomorrow. Waking up at 10 instead of 6:45 this morning was bliss. 


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  1. Oh such beautiful photos. Seems like you had the perfect day! <3 :)

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.