Monday, 2 September 2013

Poland - Day 1

Cześć :) 

Although this post is titled 'Poland - Day 1', yesterday was technically our first day here. However, due to circumstances out of Chris and I's control, we our counting today as our first proper day. Being the optimist that I am, it's safe to say that I won't be dwelling on the yesterdays events! Although, we did finish the day with a massive plate of yummy for 6 zloty which is about £1.20!!!

After applying, Chris and I were selected to go to Poland to teach English to primary school children. Today we were shown around the school that we will be working in for the next three weeks. In Poland, on the first day of term in a new academic year, the children come into school with their parents to sign in and meet their new tutors and then go home. The first full day of teaching won't commence until tomorrow. As well as the typical subjects that you would expect to be taught in school, they have a strong focus on 'The Arts.' Hopefully Chris and I will be able to get involved with this aspect too!

Due to being picked up later than anticipated, we missed the introduction to the new academic year but we are now clear what time we will be starting. Once again, this is were Polish school's differ to those in England. We will start teaching at 9:30 tomorrow and finish at 2:30. Apparently this is quite a long day for Polish children!! As it will be the first official day tomorrow, everyone will be new to each other so it will everyone a chance to introduce themselves.

We had the chance to go exploring this afternoon after recommendations from our link teacher in the school. We made our way to the old market square which was definitely much more up our street with quirky shops, restaurants and bars compared to building site which seems to have taken over much of Poznan. This evening, we returned to the old market square to eat at Mala Italia, a very small Italian restaurant.


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