Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Poland - Day 3


This morning we had a preeeeety early 6:45 start. I'm a bit of an early bird, so normally I wouldn't have minded. However.... I was kept awake most of the night by Chris's snoring. As you can imagine, the rude awakening from my alarm was not appreciated. Up until now I've been putting my headphones in an attempt to block out the noise but frankly they just weren't cutting it. Went to the pharmacy before dinner on the off chance that they'd sell ear plugs and thankfully I might be getting an uninterrupted nights sleep tonight. 

Chris and I still aren't 100% sure that we're really ever going to fit into the school we've been placed in. For starters, our Polish is nowhere near as good as it needs to be to translate all that we teach in English, back to Polish. Also, we don't know whether it's just this school or all school in Poland/Europe but there is no behaviour management implemented what so ever. I think they'd get a bit of a shock if Chris or I taught in the style that we're used to at home. I'm not entirely convinced that English is their favourite subject either as they seem to revert back to speaking Polish whenever they get the chance to. 

We have another early start tomorrow at 8. Because of the way their timetables work, we'll only be in for 4 lessons and by 11 o'clock, we'll be going home. 

This evening we ate at a Whiskey in a Jar. Being a steak house, it's not somewhere I'd normally think twice about going to. Chris however was in need of meat. After looking at the menu I came across grilled salmon and well all I can say is, I'm glad we didn't walk straight on by because it was AMAZING!! Chris went for a blue cheese burger and coming from a veggie, I must say, it did look pretty yummy. Not only was the food incredible, the drinks were also impressive. Being in a whiskey restaurant, Chris felt compelled to have  JD and coke but I went for a strawberry mohito which was to die for.... Safe to say we'll definitely be eating here again. 

On my own tonight as Chris has got himself a date. Only he could come to Poland and bag himself a  man... best of luck to him! 


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