Monday, 24 March 2014

Clean and Lean - Day 2

I had run out of oats this morning, so today breakfast was a gluten free banana tostie (with a sprinkle of sweetner). If you've never tried this out, I seriously recommend you do. 

Morning snack
Walnuts and berries 

Despite the picture, lunch wasn't half a chicken. I've been a vegetarian since I can rememeber, but I've recently started eating chicken (after being persuaded my boyfriend). The reason for this is that being gluten free and a vegetarian can be tricky and expensive when eating out. I am now addicted to chicken! Today's lunch was chicken salad (chicken, tomato, pepper, cucumber, avacado and philidelphia and herb). 

In the afternoon my sister and I took a trip in town. The weather is crazy mixed up at the minute, but thankfully it stayed dry until we reached the car. On our way home we stopped off at the coffee shop. I had a raspberry and leaf tea which was amazing! 

I've also started holiday shopping so I can do it gradually. I picked up this little white dress which is a little short to wear in town on a warm day, but it would be perfect for the evening or beach when on holiday. 

We got home and spent the rest of the afternoon watching gossip girl before dinner. Once again, hunger took over and I forgot to snap my food. Dinner was chicken, carrots and sweet potato. 

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